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Hotmail vs

Hotmail is one of the oldest web-based email providers. It was launched in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack smith. It was later bought by Microsoft in 1997. Since its introduction to the world, Hotmail has enjoyed an undisrupted monopoly in the email service industry with over 360 million active web users. However, there domination […]


Hotmail on your phone – Version Outlook 2014

Technology now is on another level with manufactures developing new and awesome products. In the olden day’s one had to either use a P.C or visit a cyber to access their mails, but now with the latest technology one can sent and read their mails on their phones. You can access the Hotmail on your […]


Hotmail Features 2014 –

Every email service provider has different features that set them apart from their competitors, the same applies to The Microsoft owned email service provider has great features that you can get to enjoy once you start using it. The service provider has now been upgraded to which means that Microsoft has added more […]