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Every email service provider has different features that set them apart from their competitors, the same applies to The Microsoft owned email service provider has great features that you can get to enjoy once you start using it. The service provider has now been upgraded to which means that Microsoft has added more features to the new site. One thing that you should know, is that it is a new look with the same old details. This means that you can still access the new improved Hotmail with your old details. The Hotmail features 2014 or rather the feature enables you to enjoy and navigate through the account with ease.

 hotmail features

Privacy Features

One thing with the is that it guarantees you of privacy. ensures that your personal conversations are ad free, although they don’t scan the emails or attachments that you are sending.

Security Features has taken the protection of their users accounts very seriously. Since the great hack of 1999, Microsoft has devised ways of ensuring that does not happen again. They have introduced the 2 step verification process that allows you to add extra protection to your account. The process basically uses a user’s password and an extra code that is usually sent to the user’s phone. Every time you log in from a different computer and have activated the 2 step verification, you will be required to enter the code.

Social Media Link

This is a feature that was added recently by Microsoft to enable you the user to share photos and documents with your friends of social media. This has made things so simple as compared to the old Hotmail.

Skype Integration

This is a feature that allows you to video chat with your friends via Skype even though they don’t have the Skype installed in their computers. You can video chat via as long as both of you have Skype account and are using

Conversation Threading Feature automatically groups all your conversation emails into a conversation thread that allows you to navigate the emails received and send from the same conversation.

Quick Views

Recently there was a report that was released that most of the emails that one receives are mostly social updates, offers, promotions etc. it is due to this that Microsoft created this feature. This is a great feature that groups all of your emails into different folders that allows you to easily access your emails.

Document Editing

This is one of the great features that are included in the new and improved Hotmail. This feature allows you to edit any document online without downloading the document. The old of way of operating things was that you had to download the document before making any changes and then attach it again. This feature also allows a document to be edited by multiple people edit and one still can see the correction made and the person that made the correction. When using the there is no limit to the size of document you can send. This is because the account uses the SkyDrive live. This is a Microsoft cloud storage service that has no limit in document size.

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